Reptile Information

Delve into the intriguing realm of reptiles, discovering their diverse species,
survival strategies, and ecological roles.

Komodo Dragon

Largest living lizard, reaching up to 3 meters, found in Indonesian islands.


Venomous snakes with a distinctive hood, found across Africa and Asia.

Black Widow Spider

Venomous spider known for its red hourglass marking; dangerous to humans.

Frilled Lizard

Distinctive for its large frill, used for defense and communication, reaching up to 90 cm in length.

Galapagos Tortoise

One of the largest tortoises, known for its massive shell and long lifespan, native to Galapagos.

Bearded Dragon

Native to Australia, bearded dragons are known for their "bearded" spikes and can grow up to 24 inches long.


Small, versatile lizards with unique climbing abilities and over 1,000 species worldwide.

Axolotl salamander

Amphibians known for limb regeneration, ranging from small to 1.8m in length.

Red Scorpion

Highly venomous scorpion, found in India, with stings that can be fatal, particularly to children.

Jackson's Chameleon

A horned chameleon native to East Africa, famous for its triceratops-like appearance.

Solomon's Leaf Frog

Leaf-mimicking frog from Solomon Islands; eggs hatch directly into mini adults.

Black Caiman

Amazon's largest predator, reaching up to 6m, crucial for ecosystem balance.